Join Toopy and Binoo on 3 adventures!

Toopy and Binoo Vroom Vroom Zoom

Preschoolers will love joining the exuberant duo of Toopy and Binoo, taking an active role in 3 new interactive adventures that are imaginative, creative and above all fantastical!

In each adventure, children will find :

  • 3 stories set in the colourful worlds of the 3 different characters
  • 9 games specifically designed for prescoolers
  • Toopy and Binoo's delightful and imaginative world


Don't wait and embark on the first adventure, "Toopy's Dream," which includes the following stories:

  • Mr. Sheep has lost his wool
  • Mrs. Dragon gets ready for her birthday party
  • Mr. Monster needs light for his planet


Discover 2 more adventures available with in-app purchases, for more fun! Join Toopy and Binoo and their friends for new unforgettable adventures.